Membrane Roof Coating Process

Commercial Roofing roof restoration.

Here's How We Extend Your Membrane Roof Coating's Life

We can extend the life of your existing rubber roof using Conklin’s Membrane Coating System.

  We start by applying a cleaner to the roof, agitate it with a stiff bristle broom, and then wash the roof with a high pressure washer.

  Once the roof is dry, we apply a primer to the roof surface with an airless coating sprayer.

  After the primer is dry, all the rubber seams and all the roof penetrations are reinforced with fabric embedded in two coats of base coat. This is achieved by first applying a pass of base coat on the seam (approx. 9″ wide), embedding the fabric in the coating, applying another pass of base coat, and finally back rolling the fabric/ coating to ensure the fabric is fully embedded.

  Once these coating are cured, we are ready for the final step; a bright white, highly reflective top coat which will help keep your building cooler and save on cooling costs.

For more information on our wide variety of roofing systems, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you decide which system is right for your roof and your budget.

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